Maklerfotos aus der Hölle – Die schönsten Bilder aus Mietportalen

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Der Mensch hinter Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos sammelt seit einiger Zeit bizarre Fotos, anhand derer eigentlich Wohnungen und Häuser verkauft werden sollen. Klingt semi-spektakulär, wir haben trotzdem Tränen gelacht. Denn in Kombination mit den unglaublich lustigen Bildunterschriften haben wir hier nichts Geringeres als den lustigsten Tumblr des Jahres. Und erschreckende Einblicke in dunklen Seelen der Gattung Makler. Hier unsere Favoriten:

A testament to these austere times, this bathroom is constructed entirely from other houses’ dead space, overhang, and stairwells.

A rare example of what architectural historians refer to as a “fertility window”.

Hoover? That’s an idea. Although you may need to find the floor first.

Sometimes you have to give an agent the benefit of the doubt and presume that they’ve spent the last 60 years in a cultural vacuum with their eyes closed.

Ah, the parties we used to have. Do you remember the one when we murdered everybody?

In certain parts of the Midwest it’s not unusual for real estate agents to conduct viewings on horseback.

Actually, I can probably hold on until we find one of those old-fashioned single-occupancy fellows.

And this is the garage, where uncle Bernard spent his later years preparing for the apocalypse.

Ideal for those of you with a particularly fast metabolism.

The dedication of some agents has to be admired. Particularly the ones who continue to work even as they lapse into unconsciousness.

Despite modernisation, the owners have retained the toilet’s original listening booth – an unusual feature seldom seen nowadays.

A point-blank Mexican stand-off between two bright red sofas adjudicated by a television. In the world of Feng Shui, this is quite a low score.

One can’t help but suspect that this was once part of a far larger and altogether more ambitious photograph.

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